The New Samsung Star Wars Edition Robot Vacuum

Star Wars Samsung PowerBot Robot Vacuum

In a galaxy far far away there was a company called Samsung. It was a big fan of Star Wars so it decided to collaborate with the creators of it and design a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans like a Jedi and it is powerful like Dart Vader.

It, of course, uses the Force to navigate around the house and clean both carpets and hard floors. It does the job properly too and, unlike Storm Troopers, it doesn’t miss much.

We haven’t had a chance to review one yet, but rest assured – as soon as we can get our hands on one we will post a proper review online. It is just a matter of time, especially now that the new Star Wars movie is out in the cinemas.

The Star Wars vacuum is available in two colors – black and white. You can choose either based on the side of The Force you prefer. Actually, Samsung, like the big empire they are, seems to prefer the dark side of the force since both vacuums represent the Empire. The black one closely resembles Dart Vader’s helm while the white one can’t be mistaken for anything else but a Storm Trooper. We really hope the white one doesn’t resemble the trooper’s accuracy in cleaning dust and debris off the floor.

The PowerBot VR7000 Star Wars Edition is a bit different from the rest of the Samsung range. The cleaning brush is a bit wider – it is 290mm wide compared to the conventional 204mm found in other PowerBot robots. The suction power is comparable at 10 watts for both. It uses the same mapping technology as the rest of the PowerBot range – a laser scans the room and maps it out. It creates a virtual map of the room to follow when doing the cleaning cycle.

Star Wars Samsung PowerBot Robot Vacuum

The Star Wars vacuums feature the same Cyclone Force technology found in other installments of the series. It produces strong centrifugal forces that sucks dust and debris inside the chamber and then separates them efficiently. Dust and small particles are sucked towards the center of the chamber while larger particles, like dirt and larger debris, are sent to the outer chamber. The technology prevents clogging and it keeps the sucking force constant as the dust canister fills up.

The most unique feature of this Star Wars inspired vacuum is that it talks while it cleans. It is rather dramatic and it is loaded with all sorts of pre-recorded phrases and tunes from the movie saga. The funniest part is probably how it plays the Imperial March when it returns to base after a successful clean, unlike the annoying whining of the Dyson 360, for example.

Both vacuums can be controlled in various ways – you can use the bundled remote, the phone app and Amazon’s Alexa. You can probably use the Force as well, if it is strong with you, of course.

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