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Eufy Robovac 11 Review – One Of The Best Budget Robotic Vacuum Cleaners By Anker

I have to get the latest vacuuming tech running in the house because I know they’ll help me and my family achieve a happier, dust-free life. I was understandably curious when I got Anker’s Eufy Robovac 11 in the mail and really anxious to put it through my testing procedure.

Eufy’s Robovac 11 is one of the more budget-minded robotic vacuums on the market so I was a bit curious how does it stack against the Roomba 690, for example, which is significantly more expensive than the Eufy. True, it has more features and all that, but does it really clean that much better for almost twice the price?

Let take a look at our in-depth Eufy Robovac 11 review below:

Eufi 11 Design and features

EUFY 11 Robot PriceThe Robovac 11 is a smart, fully-automated robotic vacuum cleaner from Eufy with three distinctive cleaning modes – Edge, Spot, and Max. It has a low-profile design that enables it to go under furniture and evade obstacles along the way.

Shaped like an oversized hockey puck, the robot cleaner can run on battery power alone for over 90 minutes. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is topped up using a convenient charging base. The Robovac can also be controlled via an infrared remote control, much like the ones that control your TV.

An anti-scratch tempered glass and infrared and drop sensors protect the robot from bumping into obstacles and falling from elevated surfaces like stairs, ramps, and slides. These sensors work wonders for protecting the vacuum from bumping into walls and falling off stairs so you can leave it to roam around alone without the fear of it falling off and breaking beyond repair.

Robovac 11c Connectivity and App

Eufy 11c Connectivity App WiFiThe Eufy’s RoboVac is connected to the EufyHome app via your existing home WiFi network. An account is required in order to use RoboVac but that’s free to create and sign up.

To set-up the Eufy for pairing, you need to prep the robot first. Attach the side brushes underneath the RoboVac beside the wheels. Place the charging base on the floor and against a wall. Make sure there’s no space between the wall and the base so that RoboVac can dock itself properly. It is very important to do so to avoid pairing problems and issues of the root not finding its station every time.

Once the base is set up, dock the RoboVac to the charging base. Its charging pins must be aligned with the base. Then, add the device on the app by pressing the plus sign beside All Devices.

If Wi-Fi pairing is not possible, check if the WiFi light if it’s on. If it’s not, put RoboVac in sleep mode by long-pressing the WiFi button on top of the robot. Place it on the dock and press the plus sign to pair.

EufyHome can set a weekly cleaning schedule, find the robot, and select cleaning modes. Weekly cleaning schedule looks like a smartphone clock app, which shows the date and time cleaning starts. Find My RoboVac produces a loud ringing sound on the vacuum cleaner.

Anker Eufy 11c Tech and Specs

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac 11c has three cleaning modes: Edge, Spot, and Max. The Edge mode outlines the RoboVac beside walls and ledges, making tricky corners and edges a breeze to clean. The spot mode allows the Eufy to focus on one area – for example, a spill of dust or debris. The Max mode allows the Anker robot to deep clean surfaces, such as carpets and upholstery, if they are soiled more than usual.

The Eufy 11c Vacuum can produce up to 1000 Pa of suction power. It loosens dirt and particles first then extracts it from the floor. Once it’s been removed, it goes straight to the dust collector. Its side brushes pull surrounding dirt to the RoboVac with ease without creating too much noise. Being a small robot cleaner it keeps noise levels low — even on Max, it will never be louder than a microwave. That allows it to clean quietly and inconspicuously even when you’re watching your favorite TV show.

The Eufy Robovac has a three-point cleaning system: side brush for tight to reach corners and walls, rolling brush for dug in dirt in carpets and hard floors, and a strong suction power to vacuum it all up. Coupled with the three cleaning modes, it can clean all floors autonomously and safely.

It also two basic filters and one high-performance filter to protect and keep the motor and the internal parts of the RoboVac dirt-free. With an extra large dust container, it maximizes battery life, which usually isn’t the greatest among robot vacuums.

Eufy 11 Cleaning and Navigation Performance

The Anker robot can navigate around obstacles, slide under furniture, and go up and over uneven surfaces. It has sensors to detect changes in the environment and objects along its cleaning path.

Cleaning Power And Performance

It did great in our both hard surfaces and carpets test. I can’t say that the suction power is as strong as one of my favorite robots – the Xiaomi Roborock, but it’s not that far off, especially for the price you pay for the Eufy 11c. It picked up most salt and shavings I spilled on my hardwood floors in on go. Once it came back lifted everything up and there was nothing left behind – on par with the Xiaomi.

True, the Dyson 360, for example, has an enormous suction power, on par with some of the low powered canisters vacuums on the market, but it costs nearly three times more than the Eufy. In the ends, you really get what you pay for.

It did OK on my living room carpet, but I can’t really recommend it much if you have high pile carpets for example. The Eufy is just not strong enough for high pile carpets. Ideally, you’d have the go over them again with a decently powered canister or upright vacuum to get any dug-in pet hairs, for example.

It did great on low pile carpets, as my house is all carpeted upstairs. It cleaned everything that I “accidentally” spilled on the way so no complaints there.

It has bumpers, sensors, and tempered glass to protect it from collisions and drops. Should it bump into anything, it will automatically go the opposite direction and chart a new course. Since it does not have a lot of speed and is small, it won’t cause damage — only a soft bump. I have wooden sideboards all over the house and although the robot bumped into them quite a few times, there are no marks or scratches on any of them.

Charging And Recharging

Eufy Robovac 11 Charger and Remote control

The only downside I experienced is that it took over 4 hours to charge initially. That’s not too bad if you leave it to charge overnight, but I was pretty excited when I got the package and I was anxious to put it to work as fast as possible and those four hours was a bit of a bummer. Not a big deal, but I wanted to point it out just in case anyone feels the same way.

Eufy 11 Navigation Performance

The navigation, to be honest, is nothing to write home about. It’s OK in general for a cheap robot vacuum, but I was really hoping for something more. While you can control the vacuum with the IR remote or via the App, it’s no match for the ultra-sophisticated lasers of the Xiaomi Roborock, for example. It has some issues and they can be quite annoying.

For example, there is no option for virtual walls. You can set it to clean a single room and it’ll do it well, but only if you close the door to that room or if you block the path of the robot manually.

Another issue is that it has trouble finding the charging station from time to time. It’ll help if you clear the area around the charging port and there are no obstacles in the way, but it still just can’t find it sometimes. It can be quite annoying too – it’ll just circle around it, unable to pair. A manual touch will help but ti can be a bit frustrating too.

Verdict And Review Score 

EUFY 11 Robot PriceOverall, the Eufy is a great robotic cleaner with a few compromises. It offers overall decent performance for a very lucrative price. Anker makes some of the best products in its area – chargers, batteries and more, so you know the Eufy Robovac has a better than average build quality.

Being amongst the more budget oriented cleaners it’s lacking some of the essential features of the high-end models, but don’t let that fool you – it is a capable performer if you live within its means and don’t expect too much o fit for the price you pay.

If you are on the market for a budget-friendly Robovac, the Eufy 11c is a decent choice worth your consideration. If you’re after a more advanced model, it might be a good idea to head over our best cleaners comparison here and choose one that better fits your needs.

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