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Dyson V7 With Brush Tool

A clean house is a priceless achievement, we all know that. Maintaining a clean home consistently without the right tools can be not only painful but also cumbersome. This is where the Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes in. It is the middle child in Dyson’s series of three cordless stick vacuum models and I have to say it is quite something. Quite likely it is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market today. Let’s take a look.

Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Dyson V7 Vacuum Cleaner

The V7 doesn’t stray too far from the company’s tradition – slick design with striking color and impeccable craftsmanship. It is the middle series between the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V6, as I mentioned above, but it feels a bit more like the flagship rather than the aging V6 series. You can’t really tell them apart from a distance and coming up close is no help wither – the V7 looks just like the rest of the Dyson cordless series.

Now that the Cyclone V10 Review is up we can confirm that the V7 still holds its own against the competition. 

The V7 consists of three main parts. The first one is the main unit, the actual vacuum cleaner consisting of the motor, filters and the dustbin. The second is the extension tube and the third is the attachment of choice – either the motorized cleaning head, the crevice tool or the brush too.

Depending on the V7 model you choose it might come with different attachments, but the most common accessory between the models is the docking station. You can mount it on a wall somewhere with the added bonus of a charging station. It takes a bit to get used to the mounting mechanism but with the comfort is adds the annoyance of the mounting is negligible.

Dyson V7 Stick Tools And Accessories

The Best Cordless Hoover - Dyson V7 AnimalThere are three variations of the V7 model – V7 Motorhead, V7 Animal, and V7 Total Clean. There is no difference between them except for the included attachments. Here are the universal attachments shared between all three models:

Docking station – The docking station is designed to perfectly fit the device. Its durability continues to surprise – even after extensive usage, it does not wobble or get loose at all. On top of all that it acts as a charging station. The charger is self-explanatory so I won’t include it in the list.

Crevice Tool – The Dyson crevice tool is ideal for hard to reach surfaces. Attached to the long tube it can help you vacuum those hard to reach corners and clean up the spider webs off the garage. It is ideal for car cleaning too –  it fits perfectly in the abyss between the car seats and collects those long forgotten peanuts and jelly beans.

Quick Release Motorhead – This is not the standard motorhead that comes standard with most V6 models. It is the upgraded versions that ships with the V8 model. Here is another reason to call the Dyson V7 closer to the V8 rather than the V6. It has superior cleaning power than the standard V6 motorized tool and it conserves battery better too.

Combination Tool – this is the brush combination tool that almost every Dyson cleaner ships with. It’s a standard brush that can extend into a basic cleaning tool. It is very useful for cleaning hard to reach surfaces, car seats and more.

What Are The Best Dyson Stick V7 Model To Buy?

There is no difference in terms of cleaning performance, battery life and bin capacity. They all come bundled with different accessories and let’s see what are they.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Stick Vacuum

The Dyson V7 Motorhead comes with docking station, charger, crevice tool, combination tool, and the universal Motorhead.

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum

The V7 animal comes with all that the Motorhead includes plus a Mini Motorhead tool. The mini Motorhead is really useful for car cleaning and upholstery vacuuming. It’s a smaller version of the big Motorhead and it is designed to clean smaller and harder to reach surfaces.

Dyson V7 Total Clean

The V7 Total Clean builds even further on the included attachments list of the animal. It has two extra accessories over the Animal and three over the Motorhead. They are the Soft Roller Cleanerhead and the Mini Soft Dusting Brush.

The Soft Roller Cleanerhead is designed to have a wider gap from the floor so it can easily pick up larger debris compared to the original Motorhead. It also features more fluffy rollers to pick up fine dust off the floor. It also lets larger debris to pass through easier to the dustbin compared to the original Motorhead. The Soft Roller is ideal for hard floor surfaces like wood, stone, and tiles.

The Mini Soft Dusting brush is designed for more gentle work. The soft brush bristles are ideal to brush away dust into the suction of the vacuum from fine and delicate surfaces. The tool is highly recommended for keyboard cleaning, sucking away dust from laptops and so on.

V7 Cordless Technology

Dyson relies on fantastically designed digital motors that drive the cyclone powered suction that made them leaders in the market of cordless vacuum cleaners. The two-tiered cyclone technology sucks dust and particles much more efficient due to the strong centrifugal cyclones that suck the air out. These radical cyclones require special mention. They are the main things that make Dyson an effective cleaning machine. They are fifteen in number and are arranged in two rows to provide maximum power. They increase the air sucked in by the vacuum cleaner hence remove all the dust.

V7 Versus V6

Like all other Dyson cleaners, the motor is a masterpiece. It is a large improvement from the unit found in the Dyson V6. It produces significantly less noise than the V6, it has more power and conserves the battery better.. Your cleaning time will from now onwards be silent and effortless. Additionally, the motor head unit has a low profile compared to both the V6v and the V8. It is lean mean air propelling machine.6
The icing on the cake for the main unit is the dirt ejector. Dyson does not want you to dirty your hands when cleaning the hoover, and that is why added to the unit is an ejection button. You lift the lid and all the dirt is removed without you coming into contact with it.

V7 Versus V8

The dustbin has increased in size compared to the V7 and is the same as the V8 – 0.55 liters or 0.14 US gallons. That again confirms that the V7 is a slightly lower priced V8 rather than a V6 alternative. It also offers more hygienic cleaning compared to the V6. Instead of opening the bin on the bottom and shake the whole thing to empty it out, the V7 offers a convenient button on top of the bin so you can lift the head up and easily empty the bin without making a mess everywhere. It is a vast improvement over the V6 and it makes those stuck hairs and debris on the filter of the V6 a thing of the past.

Battery Life and Charge Time

The cleaning time between charges has increased compared to the V6 but it is not on par with the V8 – very clever market positioning. While the V6 holds a charge for only 20 minutes on normal and 6 minutes on Max mode, the V7 does 30 minutes on normal and 6 minutes on Max. Most people that I talked to about their cordless hoovers said that they rarely use the Max mode so it’s safe to assume that the V7 offer 10 minutes more cleaning than the V6. Max mode is the same, but so is with the V8. While the V7 improves on the V6 by ten minutes or more cleaning it is still not in the class of the V8 in terms of battery capacity. The V8 can do the whopping 40 minutes on a single charge and 6 minutes on Max power. As you can see the V7 is well positioned between the V6 and V8 in terms of battery charge – right in the middle.

One thing that is improved about Dyson’s lithium-ion cells is the absence of a fade effect. The motor delivers power consistently from the first minute to the thirtieth minute of cleaning. This battery charges from empty to full in about three and a half hours. Whether this battery life and charging time are easy to live with is debatable. Think of it this way though; it is a small price to pay for the freedom from cables that you get.

Cordless V7 Weight And Dimensions

Any good Dyson hoover should be light and with the right proportions and a good balance for easy handling. I am happy to announce that the Dyson V7 meets both of these requirements. It has a height of 8.2 (210mm) inches, a width of 9.8 inches (250mm), and a length of 49 inches. Its weight is just 2.3 Kg (5.3 lbs); you can easily move it around, whichever direction you want.

V7 Cleaning Performance

With the Dyson V7, your floor and carpet will never be the same. The directly driven cleaner head has nylon bristles which dig deep into the surface removing both dirt and pet hairs. The fact that the cleaner head has a low depth means you will be able to reach under furniture without breaking a sweat. On top of all this, the Dyson can be turned into a crevice cleaning tool. This can only mean one thing; dust hiding in difficult places and cobwebs in corners will become a thing of the past for you.

The performance is just as we expect from Dyson – strong sucking power and no dirt or particles left behind. the extended battery is a very nice bonus to pay over the aging V6. The Total Clean is a strong contender for the Best Dyson as it incorporates all the goodies that Dyson offers with its cordless vacuums – all the motorized heads, all the brushes and extra accessories. It makes it a complete cleaning machine well worth the price. While the V6 struggled with larger debris the fluffy tool makes it a breeze cleaning stuff like coffee beans and raisins, for example, off hard floor surfaces like hardwood and stone.

The new head is very useful in tight corners and around wall skirts too. Switching to Max mode ensures all particles are lifted off the floor up to an inch away – that’s impressive!

Pet hair is no challenge either. The V7 Animal, as well as the regular Motorhead, clean pet hairs off carpets and upholstery without an issue. The brushes brush it away with ease and strong vacuum suction tucks it away nicely in the hygienic dust bin. It’s an art and we enjoy watching it.

V7 Review Score 

The Best Cordless Hoover - Dyson V7 Animal Over the years I have tried all sorts of different vacuum cleaners, but never anything like the Dyson V7. Except for the V8, of course, but that’s way too expensive and I’m not quite sure it is actually worth the astronomical price tag. I love my V6 – it has been a trusted friend over the years and has never let me down. The V7 builds on that and makes it even a better product. It is a much closer product to the flagship V8 than any other cleaner. It is so close that it will be hard to tell them apart if you didn’t know better. Yes, the V8’s motor is more powerful and the battery holds a charge just a bit better, but in some cases, it is almost twice the price of the V7.

I am a big fan of the V7 and I have bought one already. It sucks stronger than the V6, the battery lasts longer and overall it is a solid improvement over the V6 series. I ordered mine and probably you should order yours too!

Highly recommended product!

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