January 6, 2017

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson V6 Trigger is a handheld, cord-free vacuum cleaner that offers powerful suction, efficient motor and a decent battery life too. It is highly recommended for people who live in small apartments and don’t have loads of space for a full-sized vacuum. Its small size makes it ideal for quick vehicle cleaning as well.

V6 Trigger Design

Dyson V6 Trigger Design

The V6 Trigger is very similar to the rest of the Dyson range of cordless handhelds with regard to its appearance and choice of materials and motor power. This unit’s parts are made of silver plastic and durable materials like polycarbonate which is used for the see-through bin. The V6 Trigger has an ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your hand in order to reduce pressure and fatigue after using it. The center of gravity is located towards the grip so that the machine is well-balanced. It doesn’t feel too heavy on the wrist either. This hoover is light, easy to carry, weighing only 1.2Kg. Its dimensions are 208mm high by 395mm long by 144mm wide.

V6 Motor

Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum Cleaner Motor

This cleaning machine is powered by the already famous Dyson digital motor V6. With the help of digital pulse technology and a powerful neodymium magnet, the motor spins at up to 110,000 revolutions per minute. This powerful motor has a 4-pole magnet and supplies fifty percent more power than the V2 version. IT has

Root Cyclone Technology

The Dyson V6 Trigger uses 15 cyclones that are arranged in two tiers. By working in parallel, these cyclones increase airflow significantly. The create a strong centrifugal force as well by spinning the air. In this way, the vacuum is able to capture microscopic particles of dust and dirt in the bin and store them safely away.

V6 Trigger Noise

Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bin

Thanks to the vortex ends this hoover produces much quieter sound than previous cordless models. The exact sound level is 82dB which is quite high, to be honest. It’s not too annoying and it is still quieter than previous generations cordless Dysons.

Battery Life 

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Hoover

Dyson V6 Trigger

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The battery is nickel manganese cobalt type which is re-engineered to deliver 1.5 times more power than the older model – the Dyson DC34. In normal mode, it lasts for about 20 minutes and the suction power is 28 air watts. In boost mode, the run-time is reduced to 6-7 minutes while the suction power reaches the incredible 100 air watts. The downside is that the battery takes about three and a half hours to charge. The engineers claim that their battery recharges three times faster than the ones of the other available vacuums on the market but three and a half hours seems like a pretty long time to me.

Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum Cleaner

What is more, the V6 Trigger is equipped with a run-time enhancing trigger which ensures that less energy and battery is wasted. However, you should hold down the trigger continuously if you want to keep the suction going which may be a bit tedious.

V6 Trigger Bin Capacity

Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum Cleaner In Action

The dust canister of the V6 Trigger has a 0,4L capacity. As mentioned above, the hoover has a polycarbonate bin which allows you to see the level of accumulated dust. The technology of emptying is pretty simple. With the push of a button, you can release all the collected dust and dirt in a very hygienic way. Thanks to the awesome cyclone technology we need any replaceable bags or filters. There just aren’t any which makes it easier on your pocket than most traditional vacuums. The centrifugal forces ensure that the suction power will not change whether the bin is full or not.

Filter And Maintenance

The V6 Trigger has a washable lifetime filter. Before removing it from the vacuum, you should ensure that the appliance is disconnected from the charger. Then, you just have to lift it out of the top of the vacuum, wash it in running water, and let it dry for 24 hours. Simples as that. It requires cleaning rarely, though, and it doesn’t really clog either.  The V6 Trigger comes with a combination tool and a rigid crevice tool which can help you vacuum corners, tight and awkward places, car seats, interior, keyboards and much more.

V6 Trigger Review Verdict 

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Hoover Price And RatingsThe Dyson V6 Trigger is easy to lift and manoeuvre around the house because it is cord-free, lightweight and with a battery that can withstand the load. Not only does it have an ergonomic and sleek design for easy handling, but it also offers a very high suction power. Its maintenance is not annoying or expensive because it does not require replacement of bags or filters. It produces less noise and has been put through rigorous tests to ensure that it will last long enough.

On the other hand, the hoover is not suitable for a full house cleaning as it has a somewhat short battery life. It also does not come with as many attachments as other V6 models do. The ones in questions are the extendable wand, the motorized tool, the tangle-free turbine tool or the stubborn dirt brush. It cannot vacuum large debris as good as an upright model either. The docking station is not included in the price which is quite inconvenient.

Overall the price for this portable is lower than most V6 variations but you might have to spend some extra money for additional tools if you want the extra functionality. If you want a better all arounder you might want to check out the Dyson V6 Flexi or even the newly introduced V7 model


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