January 1, 2017

Dyson V6 Total Clean Review – The Complete Cordless Package

As the name itself says, this Dyson V6 Total Clean is not designed only for pet hair or for hard floors but rather it a total cleaning solution. The hoover is a stick with lifetime washable filter, lithium-ion battery, and no power cord. It has as high suction power as a corded model, but the difference is that this thing makes it easier for you to go from room to room without having to change sockets. Dyson V6 Total Clean can replace upright and act as a handheld vacuum as well.

Dyson V6 Total Clean Review

Dyson V6 Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner Review

Design and features

Check the review and prices of the Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless vacuum cleanerLike the rest of the V6 vacuum cleaners family, this one works with a Dyson Digital V6 motor. By spinning at 110,000 rpm, it makes the Total Clean a very powerful cord-free cleaner. Dyson inventions use the two-tier radial cyclone technology; centrifugal forces spin dirt out of the air and take it into the bin. The vacuum’s dimensions are 250mm by 1268mm by 208mm and its weight is 2.8kg. This cleaner can suck dust with twenty-eight air watts in normal mode, and with one hundred air watts on max mode. What is more, like the other Dyson vacuums, this does not have a bag to replace and the dust capacity of the bin is 0.4L. The emptying of the bin is quite easy, just push the release button and all of the dust will come out in the garbage bin, without spreading into the air.

Not only does it perform impressively, but also looks fancy. It is composed primarily of plastic, the stick is a lovely red color and some of the attachments have blue and red touches.


Dyson V6 Total Clean Review


The additional cleaning tools and attachments are extremely effective: rigid crevice tools, direct-drive cleaner head, soft-roller cleaner head, mini-motorized tool, docking station and combination tool. The role of the docking station is to save you extra space; it stores the vacuum cleaner, charges it, and last but not least, holds the accessories.  This Dyson V6 Total Clean has more brush power compared to the V6 Animal, so you can draw your own conclusion.

The direct-drive is a sizeable cleaner head for carpets; it is fitted with the direct-drive motor and stiff nylon bristles, which run diagonally along the brush bar. It can take out ground-in dirt from every carpet in your house with no effort. The Mini-motorised is for hard tasks; this tool will become your favorite one if you have pets, due to the fact that it does not leave a single hair. It cleans furniture, sofas, and confined places. Soft roller cleaner head is used for hard floors such as laminate and kitchen floors, collecting an array of larger debris. The wand of the vacuum itself and the lightweight give you the opportunity to clean everything from floor to ceiling. 

Cleaning Performance

Dyson V6 Total Clean Attachments And Usability

As mentioned before, this unique vacuum cleaner has the ability to turn into a handheld device. This enables you to clean mattresses, shelves, under beds, stairs. It is so convenient that you do not have to deal with the short length of a power cord or change outlets; you just grab the handheld part and go out to eliminate the places covered with dirt in your car. 

Battery Performance

Dyson V6 Total Clean Battery Performance

The battery life is twenty minutes. But be aware that there is a catch: you will be able to clean for twenty minutes if the vacuum cleaner is on normal mode. On max mode, the minutes are decreased to only six. This does not have to disappoint you because the suction is so powerful that it will be enough time to clean whatever you want. Moreover, the battery charges within 3 hours and a half. So in case it gets low and you have not finished your vacuuming, just take a break and after the said time, continue with your job.  

Review Verdict 

Check the review and prices of the Dyson V6 Total Clean Cordless vacuum cleanerThe Dyson V6 Total Clean is the perfect cordless vacuum for cleaning everything you might think of; from hard floors and carpets to mattresses and furniture. It is very convenient because of the ability to transform from a cordless vacuum to a handheld gun; possessing the same suction power as a corded model. This is not all, the Total Clean model is wall mountable, which saves you room. You will not have to buy separate tools for crevices, for hard floors or carpets; this cleaner is a kit that has every necessary attachment.

What you might not like is the short battery life in max mode, the fact that you have to hold the trigger continuously, so it is a bit of pain, and the price. It’s a bit pricey, so if you think you do not have the necessity of tools for pet hair, for example, you can check out the other Dyson V6 versions or even the V7; they are all based on one and the same technology and design. It all comes down to the type of help you are looking for.

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