March 22, 2018

Dyson V6 Top Dog Review – The Pet Owners Vacuum

It seems that company engineers want to take care of the needs of every household as there is a Dyson vacuum for every type of lifestyle and needs imaginable. This is why I want to point you in the direction of the V6 Top Dog handheld vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its attachments and accessories, this machine is a faithful ally in your daily battle against irritating and all-over-the-place pet hair. Yes, we all know that cats and dogs shed like there is no tomorrow from time and we have to have a reliable and quick to pull out hoover at your side.

Dyson V6 Top Dog Review

Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Hoover

Design And Features

The Dyson V6 Top Dog bears a resemblance to the rest of the V6 series with a few differences – it had a yellow touch, red buttons, and the usual silver plastic. It appears to be a little heavier than the Trigger, though, weighing 1,57kg. However, the difference between the two vacuums is really not that big as a few grams do not interfere with the portability and handling of the vacuum. The Top Dog measures 225mm by 414mm by 155mm, and thanks to its ergonomic design it fits perfectly in your palm.

The digital motor that vacuum uses is Digital V6 which has a 4-pole magnet and supplies fifty percent more power than the older V2 motor. This hoover is equipped with the patented 2 Tier Radial Cyclone technology. Using powerful centrifugal forces, the vacuum captures microscopic dust and allergens by separating the particles and safely filtrating them away. The Top Dog generates 28 air watts in standard mode. In max power mode, the suction reaches 100 air watts.

Battery Life

While the battery life of the Dyson DC34 is 15 minutes, the Dyson V6 Top Dog lithium-ion battery offers up to 20 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction. An important feature is a trigger which enhances the running time.  The battery power is only used for vacuuming and is not wasted between tasks. After all, there is no need to keep the suction going while you are moving from place to place. A nice touch is the boost mode meant for deep cleaning. It decreases the run-time to six minutes but increases the suction significantly. The V6 in max mode delivers around 100 air watts of sucking power. The only downside is that it takes over three hours and a half to fully charge.

Canister Size

Dyson V6 Top Dog Dust Container

The material of the dust container is clear durable polycarbonate which allows you to see the level of collected dust. The volume of the bin is the same as the DC34 – 0,4L. The emptying is not a dirty job at all. With a touch of a button, the dust and dirt fall out in a hygienic way.

Filter And Maintenance

Dyson V6 Top Dog - Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Having in mind that most people do not enjoy wasting their time with difficult and unpleasant tasks, Dyson has made maintenance as easy and convenient as possible. The filter is the only thing that you might want to pay attention to. Just wash it in running water once a month and let it dry for 12 hours or more. As opposed to the V6 Mattress, this one does not have a HEPA filter. It copes with allergens pretty well and it doesn’t release them back into the air that we breathe, but it doesn’t have HEPA certification.

Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Top Dog

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Tools And Accessories

Unlike the DC34, the Top Dog, as its name suggests, has a special mission in life. That is why it comes equipped with some extra tools like the mini motorized tool and the stubborn dirt brush. If the mud spots that your dog leaves on your carpet drive you crazy, the stubborn dirt brush will be your best friend in need. The attachment cleans fantastically dried up mud and dirt, thanks to its stiff bristles. The mini motorized tool removes hair and dirt from both upholstery or confined spaces. While the V6 Car+Boat handheld is designed particularly for car and boat cleaning, the Top Dog has one function in mind – to clean after your beloved pets. The rigid crevice tool and the combination tool help you vacuum hard to reach places like shelves, crannies and above those hard to reach kitchen cabinets. 

Dyson V6 Top Dog Hoover

Review Verdict 

Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review And PriceThe Dyson V6 Top Dog is a cordless, bagless and rather small vacuum, but the size does not have a negative impact on its vacuuming power. The machine combines maneuverability, portability, and usability. It offers a great suction power without looking unsightly. It doesn’ occupy much space either.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution, the hoover is stable, balanced and easy to carry around. The Dyson V6 Top Dog is not exactly cheap but I think it is well worth the price. It is perfect for apartment dog and cat owners – it’s small enough and maneuverable enough to carry it around and stove it away when not needed. Hoover Vacuums recommends the Top Dog to all pet owners who struggle with hair build up in hard to reach places.

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