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Dyson V6 Cordless Hoover Cleaning Performance

Dyson V6 Cordless Hoover Design

Dyson V6 Review

The DC59 has recently transformed into the new Dyson V6. There has been a serious reduction in its original price and it now becomes more affordable compared to say Dyson V6 Animal or V6 Flexi. You may think that such a substantial price change means that the new version is not as efficient as the old one. However, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. The main reason is the fact that the new V6 doesn’t include some attachments that originally came with the DC59. They just spread out the V6 series into cordless and handheld hoovers and, if needed, the said accessories can be purchased separately.


The Dyson V6 is not a bad looking hoover, that’s for sure. Its appearance is a slick combination of main silver color accompanied by red, blue and purple accents. A nice touch is the power button and its battery saving features. While most handheld vacuums remain switched on between cleaning tasks and room changes, the V6 makes very efficient use of its trigger. It ensures that no energy is wasted and the battery life is preserved as much as possible. As you go from room to room the vacuum is off, but when you notice dust or debris that needs cleaning you just squeeze the trigger and it vacuums them away.


Dyson V6 Cordless Hoover Technology

This vacuum uses 15 cyclones which are arranged across 2 tiers. They work together to increase airflow and collect fine dust and particles. The digital motor spins up to 100.000 times a minute. The suction power in normal mode equals to 28 air watts – enough power to provide adequate cleaning performance and decent battery life. Max mode increases the power to 100 air watts but significantly decreases battery life. 

Weight And Dimensions

The height of the Dyson V6 is 211mm, the length is 1180mm and the width is 208mm. It weighs 2.04kg. Its size makes it light, portable and convenient even with the attachments are on.

Battery Life

The Dyson V6 uses a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. The V6 battery offers up to 20 minutes of fade-free suction power when used in normal mode. If you attach the motorized floor brush the runtime decreases to 17 minutes. In case you want to turn the “turbo” mode on you will get only 6 minutes of power. There is a blue light at the base of the v6 that indicates when the battery is running low, which I find quite useful. The main downside is the rather long charging time. It takes three and a half hours to fully recharge the battery.

Bin Capacity

The bin can hold up to 0.4 litres of dust and debris. The capacity is usually enough for small apartments but you might consider something bigger if you live in a large house that needs cleaning more often. The dust bin’s latch is released just by a push of a button ensuring hygienic emptying and hands-free dirt ejection.


In the box, you will find a docking station, a combination tool, and a rigid crevice tool. The included attachments are not that many but they lock into place very smoothly and are quite useful.

The docking station can be mounted on walls to save space and it has a very neat locking mechanism that holds the cordless vacuum in place when mounted. It serves as a wall charges as well.

Cleaning Performance

Dyson V6 Cordless Hoover Cleaning Performance

The Dyson V6 is not heavy at all and will not hurt your wrist while hoovering. The V6 is well balanced, its weight is evenly distributed and you can reach most corners and the ceiling with minimum strain.

On max mode, the V6 cleans even ground-in dirt. Be careful around polished wood floors through – the regular V6 can cause some scratches. It might be a better idea to take a look at the Fluffy version of the V6.  The vacuum captures spilled sugar with just a single pass.  The ball-based mechanism of the motorized head makes the vacuum quite maneuverable around corners and furniture. The stiff nylon bristles remove embedded dirt from carpets and rugs, while the carbon fiber bristles remove fine dust from hard floors and reduce scratching the surface.

The cleaning performance when hoovering high-pile carpets or plush rugs is not as satisfying as with upright hoovers. Low-pile carpets are another matter and the V6 performs well thanks to its motorized brush. It helps you vacuum even larger debris like cereal, for example. However, the V6 struggles with pet hair as a tangle-free turbine is not included in the package. Pet hair might tangle around the brushes and you have to clean it quite often too.

Final Words 

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Price And RatingsThe Dyson V6 cordless seems to be a good bargain if you want to vacuum smaller living quarters or apartments. Its maintenance is not complicated at all. All it requires is that you to rinse the top filter once a month and regularly empty the bin. The two years warranty is an excellent bonus.

20 minutes of battery life should be sufficient for cleaning most apartments and medium sizes houses. If you live in a mansion and you have the budget you should clearly consider the V8 Animal. It offers much better battery life (40 minutes) and somewhat stronger suction power. The V6 is still a strong contender but only if you can find it on sale. Right now, with the introduction of the V7 and newly designed Cyclone V10, I feel that it is starting to age a bit and I wouldn’t pay a premium for it anyway.

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