Dyson V6 Flexi Review – The All-In-One V6 Power

Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless Hoover Suction Power

The V6 Flexi belongs to the cordless Dyson family of vacuum cleaners. It has all the necessary equipment and features for deep cleaning of an entire house and more. The main advantage of the Flexi is that it can serve as both cordless and handheld. As the name clarifies, the Flexi gives you great flexibility during vacuuming, literally and figuratively speaking.

Dyson V6 Flexi Review

Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless Vacuum Fatures And Design

All Dyson vacuums work with the now famous Cyclone technology. Likewise, the V6 Flexi uses 15 cyclones which create great centrifugal forces. As a result, more and more microscopic particles are captured when cleaning and safely disposed of away. This technology, combined with the V6 digital motor, offers stronger suction power and efficiency than ever before.


Check out the Dyson V6 Flexi Price And RatingThe V6 Flexi is made mainly with silver and white plastic which adds to its sleek look. There are some red and blue accents on the handle and on the head. The Flexi measures 211mm by 1180mm by 208mm and weigh 2.04kg. The vacuum appears to be lighter than Dyson V6 Total Clean and the V8 Animal. The bin capacity is 0.4L. It is smaller than the one of most uprights, corded and even some of the cordless Dysons like V8 Animal and Absolute. On the other hand, you can empty it quite easily. All it takes is to push a button over the trash can and the dirt is released.

Battery and Suction Power

The V6 Flexi, being a cord-free model, works with a high capacity lithium-ion battery. Similar to other models of the Dyson cordless range, this Flexi has 20 minutes of run time in normal mode and only 6 minutes in max mode. In normal it generates only 28 air watts suction while it creates 100 air watts in max mode. You might the 6 minutes not enough for prolonged cleaning and you’ll be quite right. The thing is that with such power it just cleans faster and more thoroughly. What is more, there is a battery saving trigger that can be held and released instantly. It saves energy when you go from room to room as there is no need for the vacuum to be working while moving around. When the battery gets low, just let it charge for three and a half hours and you can continue.  

Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless Hoover Suction Power

Tools And Accessories

Before all, there is the Flexi Crevice Tool, which flexes into awkward and narrow places such as corners and gaps, to remove debris from spillage and dirt

The Up Top Tool function is to help you clean high-reach spots like lamps and door frames by twisting into different positions. Thanks to the felt strip the more delicate and polished items in your house will stay undamaged.

The Stubborn Dirt Brush bristles extract stubborn dirt from carpets. Because of the gaps between the bristles, the brush is pushed easier and it does not stick to surfaces.

Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless Hoover Accessories

The Motorised Cleaner Head is very efficient because it performs outstandingly on both carpets and hard floors.

The Docking station is a place, where the machine is stored and charged, and where the additional tools are held.

The vacuum comes with a combination tool and a rigid crevice tool as well.

Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless Handheld Hoover

Like the other Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners, this one is able to transform into a handheld. This allows you to clean things that are far because there is no power cord to put a limit. Thus, you will have a vacuum for quick spot cleaning and in-car cleaning (seats, dashboard, glove compartment, footwells, crevices, and boot).

Price And Warranty

The vacuum is engineered to last and has a 2-year warranty. This V6 Flexi is cheaper than Dyson V8 Absolute, for example, but it is a bit more expensive than the regular V6 – the former DC59. The Flexi cleaner comes with an array of all sorts of useful attachments which most V6’s don’t ship with – mainly the Up Top Tool and the Flexi Crevice Tool.  On the other hand, some of the more expensive vacuums have the Mini Motorised Tool and the Direct-drive cleaner head that the Flexi doesn’t possess in its package. The price is dear but it might be well worth it for some because of said attachments.

Final Words  

Check out the Dyson V6 Flexi Price And Rating Dyson V6 Flexi is an incredible cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used as both primary hoover and as a handheld device. It generates strong suction power due to the digital motor V6. Moreover, it comes with a variety of unique accessories which really help clean awkward places.

The main disadvantage of this portable machine, though, is the battery life of only 20 minutes. The 6 in max mode is no better either. The V8 can go for more than 40 minutes and the V7 can go for 30. The second drawback is the capacity of the bin. It is only 0.4L and for most households, it just won’t be enough.

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