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Dyson Small Ball Animal Technology

Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Cleaner

The Small Ball Animal is an upright vacuum cleaner designed for people that share their home with a pet. It is the small brother of the Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal. If you are aware of the features and the performance of the Small Ball MultiFloor, then you might know already that this one will not disappoint in any way. It possesses the same technology, size, weight, and suction power as the Multi Floor model. In case you are wondering what are the features that this vacuum has and others don’t I think I have the answer for that. The most prominent one is the included tangle-free turbine tool which extracts stuck pet hair from carpets and hard floors with an incredible ease.

Dyson Small Ball Animal Review

Check the best price of Dyson Small Ball Animal Upright Hoover The engineers in Dyson company always strive to create something not only powerful and effective but also good-looking. This is why this Small Ball Animal has strong suction power but not at the expense of its look. It has a sleek appearance due to the purple and grey exterior, and the red and blue touches here and there.

The vacuum measures 807 by 359 by 280 mm. The handle is retractable so it does not need much space to be stored away. Moreover, it weighs only 5.5 kg which makes it easy to lift and carry around the house. The DC55 Total CleanDC40 Multi Floor and Animal hoovers are all heavier than this. Similar to the Small Ball Multi Floor, the Animal prevents musculoskeletal discomfort during vacuuming due to its ergonomically shaped handle and proper height.

Ball Technology

Dyson Small Ball Animal Technology

Most ordinary vacuums rely on bags to capture and store dirt when cleaning. As a result, they get clogged up pretty easily and even some dust particles are left behind when cleaning due to lowering the suction power. This one uses the patented Two-Tier Radial technology, which relies on 19 cyclones that create strong centrifugal forces in order to capture more microscopic dust and particles than ever. It leaves your room cleaner than ever before and there are no dust or allergens in the air after a thorough cleaning. What’s better is that the Small Ball doesn’t need any bags to be thrown away or filters replaced. There is only a lifetime filter that you can wash when it gets dirty. Leave it to dry for a few hours and it as good as new.

Due to the patented Ball technology, the Animal glides around the furniture and tricky corners with ease. What is more, the ball located at the bottom makes the machine more stable during cleaning.

Small Ball Features

Dyson Small Ball Cinetic Animal

The Small Ball Animal has a 9.67m long power cable, with a maximum cleaning radius of 12.96m. For most apartments and small houses, this is enough. People with larger homes might find it a bit tiresome having to constantly change outlets though.

The bin’s capacity is 0.8L. Perhaps it is not big enough if there is a lot of pet hair lying around the house because it will have to be emptied frequently. The dust and dirt are easily released, though. Just open the bottom hatch by pushing the button on top of the bin and empty it in the trash can.

Although it is small in size, the hoover impresses with incredible suction power- 86 air watts. It performs well in terms of general cleaning – it does very well with sucking up sand, dust and pet hair, but it can leave some bigger chunks like certain cereals untouched which can be quite annoying. It is not well suited for larger debris.

Sound Levels

If you are fed up with the whining noise of most traditional hoovers then the Small Ball Animal might be the right vacuum for you. It generates good quality sound and significantly less noise during vacuuming. The total sound level is around 75 decibels. It is quieter than most other upright vacuums made by the company.

Additional tools and performance

The Small Ball Animal vacuum includes a combination tool, stair tool, and a tangle-free turbine tool. The combination tool cleans cobwebs from corners with the help of an extendable wand. The stair tool removes dust and dirt from stairs with the help of an extendable hose. The tangle-free turbine tool is designed with pet owners in mind. It picks up pet hair all over the house – hard floors, carpets, upholstery and more are no issues with it.

The vacuum comes with self-adjusting cleaner head which automatically adapts to all floor types – carpets, rugs, stone and hardwood floors. What it doesn’t come with is the reach-under tool, crevice tool, and carbon fiber soft dusting brush. If you want or need any of them you can buy them separately or look around to see if there is a Small Ball model that includes them all.

Review Conclusion 

Check the best price of Dyson Small Ball Animal Upright HooverAll in all, the Dyson Small Ball Animal is a highly recommended vacuum cleaner for pet owners. It combines neat appearance with an incredible suction power, maneuverability, and stability. Another advantage is its lightweight allowing you to easily carry it around, reducing the stress of going up or down stairs with a heavy vacuum cleaner. It is quite small for an upright hoover so you can easily store it away when not needed.

The vacuum is quieter than most and does not have a bag to replace. Key features are the extendable cable, wand and hose, and the cleaner head that adapts to most floor types. A drawback is the bin capacity as it might require emptying more frequently. The price is high as well, as is the case with most things Dyson. If you have the budget for you won’t regret it – it is a capable performer. Hoover Vacuums recommended!

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