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Dyson Small Ball Cinetic Animal


Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Review

Are you fed up with changing vacuum cleaner bags over and over again? Filter maintenance is not the type of thing that you want on cleaning schedule? Fortunately for you, Dyson has worked really hard to reduce those chores to a minimum with the Cinetic Big Ball Animal. The latest hoover does not waste time due to its bagless and filter-free technology.

What exactly is Cinetic technology?

Thanks to the Cinetic technology, which uses cyclones instead of bags or filters, there is no need to replace or wash anything. It is equipped with flexible oscillating tips on the cyclone chambers which separate dust and particles and make sure everything goes straight into a bin. The system is so efficient that the vacuum cleaner does not lose suction power when it gets full since there are no filters or bags to clog.

Design And Features

Dyson Dc75 Big Ball Animal Upright Hoover Price And RatingsThe main color of the vacuum is grey with the exception of some purple and red accents. The Cinetic Big Ball Animal measures 1100mm by 438mm by 340mm and weighs 8.7kg. Not only does the Dyson’s well known Big Ball support the body of the vacuum but it also aids maneuverability and stability. However, the vacuum dimensions make it difficult to clean hard to reach areas like under furniture, for example, and it might be a bit too heavy to carry around. The dust bin is situated on top of the ball and can be easily removed for quick emptying. A nice touch is the 35-foot power cord which helps you cover even a large house without having to change outlets. When you start cleaning there is no need to press any buttons to recline the back. Pulling it down ensures that the plastic wheels will fold up and out of the way. Once you have finished, just lift the handle back into its upright position and the kickstand wheels will lower immediately to lock it in place.


Dyson Kinetic Big Ball With AccesoriesThe vacuum offers some impressive tools like the classic tangle-free turbine tool, combination tool and the stair tool. These diverse tools allow you to vacuum around corners, crevices, upholstery and more. Do you have a hard time cleaning those inaccessible places in your house with your current vacuum? The vacuum’s combination tool will come handy every time you need to reach under beds and couches to clean them up. High ceilings are no issue either. The Big Ball Animal has a number of features that will be very useful to pet owners. The counter-rotating brushes of the tangle-free turbine tool remove pet hair from carpets and furniture without clogging the hoover.

Cleaning Performance


The baseplate is designed to adapt to all kinds of floor surfaces which is why the Cinetic Big Ball performs admirably on both carpets and hard floors. It has 120AW of suction power. Where other hoovers, like the Small Ball Animal, are required multiple passes in order to fully vacuum flower or sugar, for example, the DC75 was able to get it all in just one single pass.  A test on a carpet with a pile of dog hairs showed that it leaves no hairs behind and even hairs deep-dug into the carpet were taken out.

Sound Level

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal may not live up to expectations with reference to its sound. Sounds above 85dB are detrimental to your hearing depending on how long you are exposed to them. There is a possibility that the sound it produces might be a little louder to your liking. The Big Ball tops up at 94dB which can be pretty loud for most tastes. It usually sits between 89dB and 90dB during normal cleaning but when it sucks down on a carpet or something it raises to the maximum of 94dB.


Dyson Dc75 Big Ball Animal Upright Hoover Price And RatingsThe Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal upright vacuum cleaner is definitely one of the best cleaning machines you can have in your home. Because of its bagless and filter-free technology you are able to vacuum all microscopic particles and dust. Thus no maintenance is necessary and there is no loss of suction when the bin gets full.

Key features are the long hose, the large easy to empty bin and the accessory bag full of various handy tools. What is more, this powerful machine comes with 5-year warranty. The Cinetic Big Ball Animal is one of the best vacuums for families with pets. If you don’t fall into that category, you may consider buying something less expensive and much lighter. For example, the Dyson V8 vacuum is a competent machine and an amazing performer for a cordless vacuum.

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