Dyson DC55 Big Ball Total Clean Review – An Amazing Upright

dyson dc55 toal clean bin emptying

The Dyson DC55 Total Clean is another innovative device from Dyson array of corded upright vacuums. This vacuum cleaner is labeled as an A energy efficiency class machine. Regarding carpet performance, hard floor cleaning performance and dust re-emission, this model falls accordingly into C, A and A class.

Dyson DC55 Big Ball Total Clean Review 

Dyson DC55 Total Clean Price And RatingsThe Dyson DC55 Total Clean is nothing like the other ordinary vacuum cleaners on the market. This machine uses the so-called “Advanced Radial Root Cyclone” technology, thanks to which the airflow is more efficient. As a result, the air pressure is preserved, and the turbulence is reduced. This allows the inner cyclones to pick up more microscopic particles, allergens, and dust. The suction power is one hundred and twenty air watts. This model does not lose suction and there is no bag to clog or replace.

The other technology that Dyson company has devised is the Ball Technology. The fact that there is a ball on the bottom means that this vacuum cleaner can move around every type of objects, furniture, and corners. Ball technology is said to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort during vacuuming and it is great for people with back and feet issues.

Bin Capacity

dyson dc55 toal clean bin emptying

Similar to the other Dyson models, like the DC40 Multi Floor, the DC55 Total Clean bin is easily and hygienically emptied. Just with a push of a button the dust and dirt go out of the bin and into the garbage bin without contaminating the air in your house. The capacity of the bin is 2.1 liters.

Design and features

Dyson DC55 Total Clean Design And Features

The Dyson DC55 Total Clean vacuum cleaner measures 1078mm by 391mm by 340mm. It is not very light, tough, 7.8kg. As it is a corded vacuum, its power cord is 11 meters long, but it can reach a maximum of 14 meters cleaning radius.

The vacuum is designed primarily in grey color due to the type of plastic used. It has some red touches on the handle, bin, cyclones and brushes, and some blue/purple here and there.

Accessories and Tools

Accessories include combination tool, stair tool, and some more complicated tools as follows:

Tangle-free turbine tool

Dyson DC55 Total Clean Tangle Free Turbine Tool
The Tangle-free Turbine tool as its name clarifies is a turbine tool that will not let anything tangle to it. This is achieved because of the lack of brush bar and the presence of counter-rotating heads. The heads maintain contact even across bumpy surfaces; the brushes fitted in them reach to the front and the side of the heads, extracting hair and dirt from all over the place.

Reach under tool

Dyson DC55 Total Clean Reach Under Tool
The engineers reinvented the tool for greater pick-up. This attachment is comfy to twist and flex so that you remove more dust particles from crevices and awkward places with no effort.

New carbon fiber soft dusting brush

This brush features ultra-fine carbon fiber filaments which smoothly take out allergens and dust from flat surfaces and from your furniture. Therefore, DC55 Total Clean is certified asthma & allergy friendly.

Like other Dyson upright vacuums, this has an active base plate that self-adjusts across every floor type. It automatically raises and lowers and consequently, suction is sealed in. The motorhead can use 20% more power due to the increased power draw of its motor. Thus, bristles are driven deeper to remove more dirt. The vacuum has a detachable wand, which is made from lightweight aluminum and can extend so as to reach high and uncomfortable places such as corners and ceiling.


Dyson DC55 Total Clean Price And RatingsThe Dyson DC55 Total Clean is a competent total cleaning solution for your home if you can swallow the hefty price tag and the size of it. As you can see from the table above, the pros and cons of this corded upright vacuum are pretty obvious. Overall it is a very good machine with a seriously hefty price tag. If that doesn’t scare you it might be just the vacuum cleaner for you! If you’d like a more traditional hoover like any of the Dyson canister range, we think that the Big Ball Cintetic might be a very good alternative.

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