March 7, 2018

Dyson Cinetic DC54 Review – Animal Vs Multi Floor

There is no wonder why Dyson vacuum cleaners are at the top of all charts. Dyson engineers always strive to create products which work amazingly and last a really long time. The Dyson Cinetic Animal and the Cinetic Multi Floor are very special additions to the Dyson range of canister vacuum cleaners. These machines clean excellently as there are no bags or filters to clog and impact suction power. Yes, these units have a lifetime filter, but that does not require any maintenance, washing or replacing for the lifetime of the machine.

Dyson DC54 Cinetic Review – Animal VS Multi Floor

Dyson DC55 Animal Hoover

Design And Features

The Dyson Cinetic Animal and the Multi Floor’s appearance remains pretty similar to other cylinder vacuums in the family, especially when having in mind the silver plastic, red touches, the long hose, and the ball-based steering system.

The ball houses all the key components, including the electronics, the motor, and the power cable. In this way, a low center of gravity is created, and balance is achieved. Thanks to the central steering mechanism, these vacuums follow you accurately as you pull them along instead of crashing into furniture and other objects.

The Dyson Cinetic Animal and the Multi Floor both measure 507mm by 261mm by 368mm and weigh 7.85 kg. Those dimensions could be a problem if you live in small apartment and have nowhere to store the machine. Also, if you have to go up and down the stairs, these units may seem heavy and unwieldy. Both power cables are 6.6m with a maximum cleaning radius of 10 meters which appears to be sufficient, but all depends on the number of rooms that you want to clean and the availability of electric outlets.

On the other hand, the large bin compensates for the vacuum size. With a capacity of 2 liters each, you do not need to empty the bin so frequently. Thanks to the technology that requires to only push a button to release the dirt, the dust is released into the garbage bin in a very hygienic way. There is no mess to clean after some other vacuum cleaners on the market.

Cinetic technology

Dyson DC54 Animal Cinetic Technology

The suction power of both Dyson Cinetic models is 263 air watts. The Dyson Cinetic Animal and the Multi Floor are very efficient at separating microscopic particles and dust than any other vacuum. This is due to the fifty-four of Dyson Cinetic small cyclones. Each cyclone is equipped with a rubber tip that oscillates at a very high frequency. These tips are very important because they prevent the cyclones from clogging with dust and particles. Because of Dyson’s Cinetic Science, the presence of a pre-motor filter is unnecessary.  The post-motor filter requires no maintenance either. These two facts make the DC54 models efficient and with virtually zero maintenance required.

Attachments and Cleaning Performance

Dyson DC54 Animal Kinetic Technology Hoover

No matter which attachment you decide to use – whether the articulating hard floor tool or the combination too – you will get a high cleaning performance and suction power. All of them are a pleasure to use and change. They are released quickly and smoothly with a simple press of a button. The Animal and the Multi Floor editions of the Cinetic range come with an articulating hard floor tool, a combination tool, and a stair tool. The difference between the two vacuums lies in the fact that the Dyson Cinetic Animal has a few additional attachments which are more particular for pet owners like the carbon fiber turbine head and the tangle-free turbine tool.

The stiff bristles on the latest carbon fiber turbine head are very efficient in removing dirt from carpets, while the soft anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove dust from hard floors. That is why, when moving from one floor type to another, you can keep the brush bar on and there are no changes necessary depending on the type of floor you decide to vacuum.

Dyson DC54 Multi Floor Cinetic Technology Hoover

The tangle-free turbine tool has counter-rotating heads with brushes that remove hair from carpet and upholstery with ease. A good advantage is that the heads are flexible. By bending, they maintain contact across uneven surfaces and retain cleaning power. The brushes are positioned on the heads in a way that they draw hair and dirt from all directions.

The articulating hard floor tool, found in the Multi Floor version, is designed specifically for hard floors. It has soft nylon bristles, and it pivots at 180 degrees. As it is very thin, it can reach into awkward and otherwise hard to reach places. However, it is not suitable for pet hair at all because it is inclined to get clogged rather easily and cleaning it after can be a bit of a pain.

Dyson DC54 Cinetic Multi Floor Hoover Price And RatingsThanks to the 263 air watts of suction power, the Dyson Cinetic Animal and the Multi Floor can vacuum sugar from plush carpets in a single sweep. These cylinder hoovers perform admirably on hardwood floors, picking flour and rice with ease. What is more, they have a telescopic arm which gives you the opportunity to set the height of your vacuum so that you can make the handling more convenient. It is very useful for people with back and pain issues.

Like all Dyson vacuums, these hoovers have undergone rigorous tests which assess the removal power of allergens, levels of airborne allergens, and the risk of allergen exposure during bin emptying. These cleaners comply with standards of the Allergy Standards Limited organization and have achieved asthma & allergy friendly certification. 

Price And Warranty

Both vacuums have a five-year guarantee. The Dyson Cinetic Animal has a price tag win the upwards of 400 and more which may be considered too expensive for some customers. On the other hand, the box includes enough additional attachments to compensate the price to some extent. TheCinetic Multi Floor canister hoover costs is a bit cheaper than the Animal edition; however, it does not come with any ‘animal’ specific tools.

Review Conclusion 

Dyson DC54 Cinetic Animal Hoover Price And RatingsIf you are searching for a really powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner that can cope with pet hair and a substantial mess without the need of bags or filters, the Dyson Cinetic Animal is the right choice for you. However, if you think that this model is too expensive for your needs and you do not need the extra animal related tools, then the Cinetic Multi Floor might a good vacuum cleaner choice instead.

It is up to you which one to choose and both are fantastic options for people needing a decent canister vacuum.

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