Dyson DC41 Mark II Review – Animal Versus Multi Floor Vacuums

dyson dc41 mk2 animal bin emptying

Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal And DC41 Mk2 Multi Floor

Both DC41 Animal and Multi Floor possess strong suction power, useful attachments such as extendable wand and hose, and great stability and maneuverability, due to the Ball technology. Last but not least, these machines are recommended for all people with no exception because they are allergy friendly. The only difference between the two models is the presence of tangle-free turbine tool in the box of DC41 Animal.

Dyson DC41 Review – Animal VS Multi Floor


Dyson DC41 Multi Floor Upright Hoover Review And PriceThe DC41 Animal and the Multi Floor editions are made from silver plastic, while the dustbin is made from tough polycarbonate. There are some parts of the vacuums that are highlighted like the blue/yellow cyclones and the red handle.

Both Dyson DC41 Mk2 vacuums are 1078mm high, 391mm long, 340mm wide, and weigh 7.8 kilograms. They are lighter than the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal but heavier than Dyson DC40 Animal. The power cord is 9.4 meters long with a maximum reach of 14 meters. Compared to the Dyson DC40 Animal and the Small Ball Multi Floor, this cord is preferable. The dustbin of these models has 2.11 L capacity, which is more than the 1.6 L/0.8 L capacity of the Animal/Small Ball Multi Floor. On the other hand, the emptying of the dustbin is executed in the same hygienic way.


Dyson DC41 Animal Technology
The DC41 Mk2 Animal and Multi Floor do not rely on bags that can clog or filter that has to be replaced; they use the Advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology and a lifetime washable filter. The airflows have been re-engineered to increase suction power as well as reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure, so inner cyclones can capture even more dust particles.
The suction power of these uprights is 120 air watts, which is similar to the Dyson DC55 Total Clean, but more than the suction of DC40 Animal. The machines perform admirably on carpets, sucking most of the mess in a single sweep.

The vacuums feature also the patented Ball technology, which provides easier gliding and turning around corners and furniture. By housing the vacuum’s key components, the ball at the bottom supports the machines giving them great stability. In this way, it also contributes to the appliances’ sleek appearance. What is more, it is proved that they do not cause musculoskeletal discomfort during use.

Attachments And Tools

Dyson DC41 Mark II Animal Accessories and Attachments

Thanks to the electronic control board, the motorhead motor’s power draw has been increased by 20 percent; therefore, it can release more dirt by driving the bristles deeper.
Most cleaner heads cannot automatically adjust for different floor types, which leads to the creation of a gap between the head and the floor. As a result, the suction is lost.
Being two of the latest Dyson upright vacuums, these models have an active base plate that self-adjusts across every surface. It maintains contact with the floor at all times by raising and lowering. In this way, suction is sealed in instead of being wasted.

The wand and the hose of these vacuum cleaners can release in order to clean accordingly corners with cobwebs on the ceiling using the combination tool, and dust from stairs with the help of the stair tool.

The Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal is engineered for people with pets so it comes with the tangle-free turbine tool. Because of the lack of brush bar and the presence of counter-rotating heads, the tangle-free turbine tool picks up pet and human hair without it to tangle. The heads maintain contact across uneven surfaces and the brushes fitted in them take out hair and dust from all directions, for the impressive 4 seconds.

Sound Level

On a carpeted floor, the DC41Mk2 Animal and the Multi Floor do not produce a detrimental sound as the Cinetic Big Ball Animal does. They are considerably quieter because they measure 82dB.

HEPA Filtration

dyson dc41 mk2 animal bin emptying

Due to the included HEPA filtration and the Advanced Radial Root technology, the vacuums capture an incredible amount of allergens from carpets and the risk of allergen exposure is reduced to a minimum. That is why these Dyson cleaners are suitable for people suffering from allergies and asthma as well.


The Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal is a great choice for people who have pets. If you do not have and you do not need the special tangle-free turbine tool, you can purchase the Dyson DC41Mk2 Multi Floor, which has the same characteristics and costs a little less. A good choice is the Dyson DC40 Animal, which is a bit cheaper and is still very effective for pet hair, but it has less suction power, bin capacity, and shorter power cord.

Final Words 

Dyson DC41 Multi Floor Upright Hoover Review And PriceAll in all, Dyson DC41 Animal and DC41 Multi Floor have exceptional features and attachments, which will be of benefit if you want to keep your house in clean and in order. They are worth the money because they have a 5-year warranty and are designed to last really long time, just like the rest of the Dyson family. Finally, the final decision is up to you as it can be a pretty expensive vacuum after all. Overall it is a capable machine that deserves its rating. We can recommend it if you have the budget for it.

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