Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Review – The Canister Vacuum Monster

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean review is here and it is one of the best canister cleaners designed with pet owners in mind. Especially the hairy type of animals that ordinary vacuum cleaners struggle with. The Big Ball technology keeps this hoover upwards and stable when hovering around corners and furniture. Most regular hoovers do tip over or flip when dragged around the house during cleaning but not the Dyson ball ones – they just roll around and keep stable. That’s not the only trick up its sleeve – being a Total Clean model means that you can use it to clean virtually everything in the house you can think of – floors, furniture, pet hair and more.

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Review 

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Cylinder Price And RatingsThe machine measures 347 by 399 by 308mm and is probably a little heavier than preferred – 7.5 kg. It is made of the usual Dyson quality plastic and has some red accents on top and side. The long extendible wand and the big ball are the most prominent features. Its suction power cannot be compared to any corded, upright or cordless vacuum on the market – it is simply astonishing. The 252 air watts make it an incredibly powerful machine for complete house cleaning – top to bottom. The power cord is 6.6m long with a maximum reach of 10.75. It should be enough to clean most houses without unnecessary changes of electrical outlets. The Total Clean canister vacuum has a lifetime washable filter. Also, the bin of this device has a volume 1.8L, which is bigger than the bins of most Dyson cordless, handheld and even some cylinder vacuums like the Cinetic Big Ball and Big Ball Musclehead. The dust bin is emptied in a very hygienic way with a just a push of a button. There is no dust and allergens cloud when cleaning – just a convenient emptying straight in the bin.

Big Ball Technology And Features

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner Technology

The company engineers have upgraded the 2 Tier Radial Cyclone technology in Total Clean. While most cordless and handheld vacuums rely on 15 cyclones, this one uses 19 cyclones thus generating higher centrifugal forces to catch even more dust and allergens than before. The Ball technology is improved as well. It provides the vacuum with greater stability and maneuverability around corners and sofas. Another advantage is the improved cleaning wand – it can now rotate in three different directions, giving you greater control.


Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

In the box, you will find quite a lot of accessories and tools – stairs tool, combination tool, carbon fiber turbine head, tangle-free turbine tool, reach-under tool, and carbon fiber soft dusting brush. Dyson engineered the vacuum so that you can detach the tools quickly and smoothly between tasks You don’t have to waste time screwing them on and off at all.

The carbon fiber bristles of the carbon fiber turbine head capture even the finest dust, and its stiff nylon bristles help you to clean dug-in dirt from floors and carpets.

Using the combinational tool with the wand that can extend up to 1250cm, you will be able to clean various hard-to-reach places like corners or under beds.

With its soft bristles, the carbon fiber soft dusting brush gently removes dust and microscopic particles from both flat surfaces and furniture. The role of the re-engineered reach-under tool is to pick up more dust than before from crevices by twisting and flexing.

The extendable flexi hose makes it easier for you to clean the stairs with the help of the stair tool. What is more, with the tangle-free turbine tool you do not have to remove hair that has tangled anymore? Last but not least, there is a dual mode floor tool that adjusts itself to different floor types to remove dirt.


Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Cylinder Price And RatingsThe Dyson Big Ball Total Clean is a monstrous canister vacuum that can vacuum up pretty much everything in its path. It has a large bin capacity, a long power cord, and variety of additional tools which can help you clean just about everything – carpets, hard floors, laminate, stone, and tile and more. The hoover also has great maneuverability and stability due to the Big Ball technology and the improved articulating wand. With the incredible 19 cyclones, it captures, even more, dust and allergens than every other vacuum cleaner on the market.

The main disadvantages, if there are any, are the price and the cable. By saying cable I mean that it is not as convenient as cordless hoovers like the V8, for example, or the newly introduced and fantastic V7. You will still have to plug it in and haul it around the house by the hose. The good thing is that when doing so it doesn’t tip over and fly over the place – the Ball keeps it upwards and stable. The price is a bit high but you have to keep in mind that it is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market today, allowing you to clean even the most soiled carpets and floors in just one go!

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