January 7, 2017

Dyson Big Ball Animal VS Cinetic Big Ball Animal Detailed Review

Dyson Big Ball Animal VS Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review

Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Hoover

Either if you choose Dyson Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuum or Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuum, know that you will not be let down. Both of them possess incredible specs such as strong suction power, large capacity bin, extendable wand, articulated handle and variety of additional tools and accessories. What is amazing is the fact that if you push them they will not tip over due to the improved Ball technology.

Dyson Big Ball Technology

Dyson Big Ball Animal Technology

Like Dyson Big Ball Total Clean canister vacuum this Dyson Big Ball Animal uses the 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology, meaning 19 cyclones work simultaneously in order to generate strong centrifugal forces that capture even more dirt and dust out of the air. There is not a bag, but there is a filter that can be washed and lasts forever.

The difference between these Dysons lies in that the Cinetic Animal uses 36 tips which oscillate at up to 5000Hz so that the dust that clogs the vacuum is separated and filtered away without the need of an actual filter. That’s why you do not have to wash or replace a filter because there isn’t one and therefore suction power is not lost in the filtering process.

What is more, ordinary vacuum cleaners are very clumsy and therefore if you push them a little bit harder they will fall to one side or flip upside down. Due to the improved Ball technology the Ball not only houses all the key components and supports the cleaner’s stability and maneuverability, but also it does not allow the vacuum to tip over. Whichever you choose the Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuum or the Cinetic Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuum, you will have no problems pushing it abruptly or cleaning around obstacles.

 Big Ball Features

Dyson Big Ball Animal Features

When people are choosing which one to buy, they want to be aware of its characteristics but its appearance is just as important. Similar to the other vacuums produced by Dyson Company, these machines do look exquisite with their grey, red, purple and blue touches. Both canister vacuums measure 347 by 399 by 308mm. They are not lightweight and are not convenient to be carried or lifted, but the Big Ball Animal weighs less (7.5kg) than the Cinetic Big Ball Animal (7.7kg). The amount of dust that can be accumulated in the bin of the first model is 1.8L, which is more than the Cinetic’s 1.6L. The bins are emptied in the same hygienic principle with a push of a button. With reference to the power cord, the numbers are the same-6.6m length and 10.75m maximum cleaning radius. There is a slight difference in the suction power – the Big Ball Animal generates 252 air watts of power, while the Cinetic model-250 air watts. The suction is very strong which allows debris, dust and dirt particles to be easily sealed in.

Dyson Big Ball Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Cylinder

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Big Ball Animal Cylinder

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Tools And Accessories

Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Hoover

The included attachments are the same: carbon fiber turbine head, stairs tool, combination tool and tangle-free turbine tool. With the help of the wand that extends to 1250cm and the combination tool, you will have no problem cleaning spots in the house that are hard to reach like ceiling corners, for example. What is more, it is easier to clean because of the articulated handle that can rotate in different directions.

The stiff bristles on the carbon fiber turbine head remove ground-in dirt easy and efficiently. As both of the models are an Animal type hoover, they possess the tangle-free turbine tool which will help you get rid of all that pet hair all over the place.

The Big Ball Animal cylinder comes with the dual mode floor tool.  Due to the fact that the dual mode floor head can adjust to various floor types, you do not have to worry whether it is suitable for your carpet, wooden or stone floor.

Price And Warranty

The Big Ball Animal vacuum costs a little less than the Cinetic Big Ball Animal model. Both vacuums come with a 5-year warranty and are engineered to last the test of time. The price difference is not that big of a deal in most cases.

Review Verdict 

Dyson Big Ball Animal Cylinder VacuumAll in all, both versions of Dyson Big Ball Animal cylinder vacuums are suitable for your house if you own a dog or a cat that sheds like there is no tomorrow. They both perform outstandingly on carpets and hard floors due to the strong suction power and the amazing accessories. Because of the Big Ball technology they are very maneuverable when you clean around corners and obstacles, stable and won’t tip over.

The difference is that the Big Ball uses 19 cyclones and the Cinetic uses 36 oscillating tips. What is more, the capacity of the bin of the Big Ball Animal is larger, and its suction power is a little bit stronger. A little advantage of the Cinetic Big Ball is that it does not need any maintenance due to the reason that there are no filters to wash or bags to replace. The Big Ball Animal has a lifetime washable filter instead. The warranty is the same, but the Big Ball Animal is cheaper.

I think that regardless of its disadvantages, the Big Ball Animal is the better Dyson vacuum choice over the Cinetic. The main advantage of the filter absence is easily negated by the smaller bin, lower power output, and the higher price. Winner – Big Ball Animal.

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