May 6, 2017

Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the best options available today that can vastly improve the interior appearance of your home. You will find a novel floor style and surprising fascination. Since these types of floors can last for quite a long time, even a lifetime, they are a very popular option for many people and the cleaning process is very simple and straight forward.

It is imperative to know what do you need when you want to learn how to clean hardwood floors. First, you have to take your time sweeping your floor with a soft-bristled broom on a regular basis, especially near the main entrance, in hallways, kitchen, and backdoor, as these are the most targeted areas where dirt is usually brought in from the outside.

How to clean best hardwood floors

Six simple tips for cleaning your hardwood floor:

  1. Never Clean Hardwood Floors With Water

Using water on your beautiful new hardwood floor will have your wood on its way to pulverisation. This is because when hardwood gets wet, it swells up,  meaning that your floor might begin to lift and deform in various areas due to the swelling and will cause the wood to crack and dry up, losing its shine and lustre.

  1. Always Use Cushions When Moving Furniture Around

There is no question in mind that you’d hate if you scratch your brand new and shiny wooden floors when moving heavy and bulky furniture. Whether you are are renovating the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, always use sliders when doing so over hardwood floors. Even the cheap ones work and will protect your floor from the worst.

  1. Place Rugs In Specified Areas

Please consider placing rugs or small carpets on high-traffic areas to protect the wood from wearing out and damaging. It is highly advisable to place a rug in front of the front door to help catch dirt, soil and other damaging materials found outside of the house.

It is highly important to place some rugs in common areas where water is running. Examples would be your bathroom and near the kitchen sink. The rugs will help absorb any water spills or moisture to help prolong the hardwood floors life in the unpleasant event of water spillage.

  1. Use Only Hardwood Approved Floor Cleaner

Since we are not allowed to use water on hardwood floors it is imperative that we buy specific cleaner designed for cleaning hardwood floors. Yes, general floor cleaning products can be tempting ti use due to price and convenience, but they can damage your new floors very quickly and you, I’m sure, would like to avoid doing that. Hardwood cleaners are designed to prevent damage and blemishes on the wood and they will leave it nice and shiny after completing the cleaning cycle.

  1. Remember To Sweep Continuously

Remember that sweeping is the best and most efficient ways to clean lightly soiled hardwood floors. If you are keeping up your sweeping schedule it will be easy to thoroughly clean the floors when it is due – less dirt will accumulate over time and it will be much easier to pick it up when the cleaning day comes. For best results, it might be a good idea to sweep lightly on a daily basis to keep your floor looking bright and new.

  1. Vacuum Regularly

A vacuum cleaner is probably the most popular device used to clean wood flooring that is easy and fast. In spite of the fact that it is not hard to clean hardwood floors, learning the correct way to clean them is essential.

Consistent vacuuming schedule is important to any home to avoid dust build up in the house that might cause much-unneeded allergies. Dust, sweep or vacuum regularly to avoid scratches caused by tracked-in dirt and intermittently buff the floor to make it sparkle. Vacuuming can be of great advantage if you make that the cleaner is set to the appropriate mode to avoid scratches to the floor. When your floor is mopped, please make sure that you use an appropriate cleaning solution that was recommended by the flooring manufacturer and see if a cleaner from another brand that might be recommended by the wood manufacturer is available.

What you might want to do next is to spray the cleaning solution daintily over the floor or on a micro-fiber cloth to avoid superfluous moisture coming into contact with the hardwood floor.

Another good idea to protect your floor is to trim any pet’s nails that you might have and please, leave your heels by the front door to avoid scratches that might require professional help to buff out.

Using Proper Cleaning Solution

Special care ought to be taken when cleaning oiled hardwood floors to increase its longevity. In spite of the fact that cleaning and vacuuming needs to be done frequently, you need to apply the proper cleaning hardwood oil solutions recommended by the manufacturer. Apply the solution on a cloth and not directly on the floor to allow a uniform spread of the cleaner. Give the solution about 90 – 120 minutes before you apply second coating if required. Buffing the floor with a perfect, dry cloth will enhance its patina and beauty. You can use machine buffer as well but make sure to use special wood adapters to avoid damaging the wood.

Best Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood Floors

  • A good upright vacuum cleaner takes the stress away from cleaning the floor. You have to be careful about the vacuum cleaner wheels and base not to damage the floor. A major disadvantage of upright vacuums is that they are heavy and clunky. They are not friendly to furniture legs and edges and can easily damage them. They are also limited by cable length and have limited operating range before you have to change the outlet that has been plugged into. A decent advantage of upright cabled hoovers is that they usually have large dust bins, great suction power and virtually unlimited runtime. A very good choice would be either the Dyson DC41 or the DC55.


  • Cordless hoovers are a good choice for people who don’t like the big clunky upright hoovers and can’t seem to get around the twisty nature of corded vacuums. Cordless vacuums are especially useful when cleaning stairs and hard to reach surfaces where you will usually have to go back, unplug the conventional vacuum and look for a new outlet to plug it in. The downside of the cordless hoovers is usually the small bin, limited battery power and somewhat smaller suction power when running in normal mode. Turbo mode is usually much more powerful but it drains the battery really quickly. The best in class here is by far the Dyson V8 vacuum closely followed by the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.


The one thing to recall about cleaning hardwood floors is to avoid the use of water on your floor. This includes cleaning any spills quickly with a newspaper or soft paper towel in order to avoid drainage into the under layer and perhaps damaging the finish and initiate decaying.

Abstain from using detergents that are oil-based to avoid dulling and discoloration of your floor, make use of chemically neutral cleaners. Try not to make use of messy tools such as unwashed mop has debris and dirt clinging to it to clean your floor. This will only create scratches on your floor.

Another precaution is to avoid dragging and moving your furniture around often, as this can scratch your hardwood flooring.

There are so many ideas on how to clean hardwood floors, and none of the techniques should be utilised unless they are recommended by the manufacturer.

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