Dyson DC53 Big Ball Total Clean Canister Hoover Review

The Dyson Big Ball Total Clean is one of the best canister vacuums that Dyson designs just in order to make your life a little easier. It has highly effective features like Ball technology, Radial Root Cyclone technology, exceptionally strong suction power, and handy accessories for almost complete house cleaning, and lacks a bag. This vacuum is certified allergy free, meaning that it captures the microscopic dust that does you harm. DC53 Big Ball Total Clean combines great cleaning with a high-quality sound without compromise to performance.

DC 53 Total Clean Design and Features

Dyson DC53 Total Clean Cylinder Hoover Review

The DC53 Big Ball Total Clean looks incredibly cool. It catches the eye with its glossy silver surface and the cool red touch on the top of the bin. It hardly looks like a vacuum cleaner at all – rather like a modern and smart home appliance. With reference to its physical dimensions, the DC53 is 369mm high, 507mm long and 262mm wide. It is not really comfortable to carry around because it weighs 7.3kg and it will get heavy in your hands rather quickly. Although it is corded, the length of the power cord is 6.6m, with a maximum reach of 10.5m. That should help to cover greater cleaning area without the need to unplug the cable and change outlets.

Bin Capacity

The Big Ball Total Clean bin’s capacity is exactly 2L. It can collect more rubbish than most other cylinder hoovers like the Dyson Big Ball Animal, Big Ball Total Clean and Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead. It is easily emptied just with just a push of a button. What is more, when it releases the dust, it does not spread and make a mess all over the place. It goes smoothly into the garbage and it is as hygienic as ever.

Dyson DC53 Total Clean Cylinder Hoover Review

Dyson DC53 Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Technology

Ordinary vacuum cleaners trap dust into pretty expensive paper bags that need replacing quite often actually. What usually happens is they get clogged as a result and lose suction and cleaning power over time. Other bagless hoovers work much the same, using filters, instead of bags but the results are rarely satisfactory. That is why Dyson decided to use lifetime washable filter plus Radial Root Cyclone technology that picks up more dirt than any other vacuum cleaner before. Due to the improved airflow, the suction power is stronger than before, sitting at 252 air watts. The turbulence is reduced too and air pressure is preserved so more dust particles are engulfed by the cyclones and safely disposed of in the bin.

The majority of key components of the vacuum – electronics, motor, pre-motor filter and the 6.5m of power cable are located inside the main ball. Thus, a low centre of gravity and stability are created. Because of the steering mechanism that Dyson Ball vacuums have, they follow you around as you clean accurately and glide around corners and edges without bumping into furniture. 

Big Ball Total Clean Attachments

Dyson DC53 Total Clean Cylinder Hoover Tools And Accessories

The brush of most ordinary vacuum cleaners lacks the effective cleaning power that this one has, therefore, they are not working very well on different floor types. They can also leave dust behind as well as patches of missed dirt that require a second go over the area.

How do the ordinary and Dyson vacuums differ?

The latest Dyson carbon fibre turbine head has a row of anti-static carbon fibre brushes which remove fine dust from hard floors, and also stiff nylon brushes, which extract dug-in dirt from carpets and fabric floors. It is multifunctional and performs outstandingly. There is no need to change heads when cleaning different types of floors.

The vacuum also comes with a dual mode floor tool, which adjusts itself in order to remove dust and dirt from all floor types. The Tangle-Free Turbine tool features counter-rotating heads with brushes that pick up hair from carpets. Hair can not tangle in and blog the head anymore. The brushes of the head remove hair and dust from various directions. The new carbon fibre soft dusting brush is useful when you have to clean flat surfaces and furniture alike. It has soft bristles which help remove dust particles and allergens gently, without scratching expensive furniture. A very effective tool is the reach under tool, which twists and flexes to clean crevices and hard to reach surfaces. 

Sound Level And Filtration

The Dyson DC53 Total Clean is regarded for its high sound quality. It will not irritate you by making the same annoying high-pitched noise that is so typical for ordinary vacuums. The sound level is exactly 84dB which is a bit high, to be honest.

Another cool thing is that the DC53 has a certification for asthma and other dust related allergies. The vacuum has been put through tests including removal of allergens, cleaning performance with almost full bin and filtration quality. The Big Ball Total Clean vacuum passed the tests with flying colours. 

Review Verdict 

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean Canister Vacuum Price And Ratings

The DC53 Total Clean bagless canister vacuum is designed by Dyson to clean even more dust. The hoover incorporates the patented radial root technology, thanks to which the most microscopic particles are captured with stronger suction power. The ball technology and the featured steering mechanism provide great stability and easy gliding between obstacles. The vacuum comes with extremely handy additional tools, each with its special function and purpose for whole-home cleaning. Dyson DC53 Total Clean is recommended for everyone with no exception because it is allergy free.

One drawback is the price tag. This vacuum costs around 400, which is a lot of money for a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, it consists of high-performance features which no ordinary vacuum has. Another disadvantage is the weight of the vacuum, it is not so convenient to lift and carry up the stairs. Moreover, the cleaner is bound by a power cord, so it is not for quick tasks and you have to change outlets if the house is larger than 10.5m. If you’d like a cordless or a handheld Dyson you should check our guides instead.


Jeff is an engineer by trade who had always been curious about hoovers and the amazing technology that is developed within the Dyson product range.

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