Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Review – The Canister Vacuum Musclehead

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Hoover

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Hoover

The Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead is a canister vacuum cleaner that offers you an amazing array of features and accessories. Using this Dyson guarantees you no waste of time or money – there are no filters or bags to replace. Some hoovers tip over when pulled around so you need to go back and pick them up yourself. That’s not a problem anymore because the Big Ball Musclehead is nothing like that – it will pick itself up without your help due to the patented Ball mechanism and stays balanced during cleaning.

Dyson Big Ball Musclehead Review

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead

This hoover has a very good-looking appearance. It combines glossy grey with red and blue touches. It is 347 mm high, 399 mm long and 308 mm wide. It is a little bit heavy to carry, 7.7kg. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead has extremely strong suction power, 250 air watts, with which it can suck up different kind of debris or fine dust.

Do not worry about the capacity of the bin, it is 1.6 L. What is more, it is very easily and hygienically emptied with a push of a button like with the last Dyson models. If it yet seems small, you can buy Dyson Big Ball Total Clean cylinder vacuum which has 1.8L bin capacity.

As it is a corded model, it has a 6.6m power cord with a maximum reach of 10.5 m. Another thing, it is retractable, there is a button on the back of the vacuum, which rewinds the cord. Therefore, you do not have to roll up the cable by yourself.

Cinetic Technology

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Hoover Technology

Most ordinary vacuums lose suction and leave more dust in the air.  Dyson canister vacuums rely on 36 Dyson Cinetic tips that oscillate at up to 5000Hz, thus preventing the microscopic dust to clog the vacuum. As a result, you do not have a filter to wash or replace. Moreover, there are no bags to purchase, so you do not have extra costs.

Similar to the other uprights and canister vacuums, this model features the Ball technology. It provides the vacuum with greater stability and also maneuverability around awkward narrow places. Usually, it can fall down because you pull it abruptly or trip over when it passes the threshold. The difference between this vacuum and the other is that it will not lie on the ground waiting for you to get it up; on the contrary, it will stand up by itself. 


A nice improvement is the articulated handle which can rotate in three different directions for greater control. The wand is also re-engineered to have a longer reach, 1250cm, in order for you to clean unpleasant or inaccessible places such as corners and crevices, or under sofas and beds.

As it name refers, the stair tool is used for both wooden and carpeted stairs cleaning; it is used with the hose that can stretch to cover a larger area. With the combination tool, you can clean furniture, shelves, and cobwebs on the ceiling, with the help of the extendable wand.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead vacuum cleaner comes with the specific Musclehead Floor Tool. Its role is to clean diverse floor types (carpet, rugs, and hard floors) by adjusting itself. It has a low profile function to make the cleaning under furniture the easiest task.

Price and Warranty

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Musclehead Hoover Technology

This Dyson vacuum cleaner has a 5-year warranty, more than the one of the handheld cordless models. The Dyson Cinetic Big ball Musclehead is still cheaper than some of the other Dyson cylinder vacuums with similar characteristics and Dyson handhelds.

Final Words

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball MuscleheadThe Musclehead vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for your housekeeping. It features strong suction power, long hose, extendable wand and articulated handle for balance and control. The big ball ensures stability and easy turn around obstacles, and not to forget, self-pick-up mechanism. Furthermore, there is enough capacity of the bin, no loss of suction due to the patented Cinetic technology, and no filters and bags to buy and replace. The vacuum’s technology traps the microscopic dust particles and the air that leaves it is incredibly pure. The Musclehead floor tool is the trademark of this machine; it adjusts itself across various floors, from carpet to hard floors.

The usual thing people do not fancy is the power cord that is never enough. If you think the same, well you can buy a handheld vacuum that is cord-free, but it will have lower suction power and battery that has to be charged. Another thing is that this vacuum does not conclude tangle-free tool, so if you have pets and have trouble cleaning hair from the floor, you should consider purchasing Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner or such that has this particular tool. Finally, one drawback is the 7.7kg weight of the hoover,  that makes it inconvenient to carry up and down.

All in all, I believe that whatever issues this vacuum has, they are minor and do not worsen the cleaning performance in any way. Hoover recommended!

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